Zeal rolls out AI identification technology to protect minors

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Under the arrangement, Zeal has begun using Nect Ident, a fully automated identification based on AI for customers gambling with Zeal online.

Players can identify themselves independently via an app using an ID document and a selfie video, with Nect Ident able to compare faces and check documents, as well as detect any attempts at digital manipulation.

Zeal said this will ensure users attempting to access its online gambling services are of legal age, while it will also prevent players from using false identities to create an account.

“As a provider of online lotteries, youth protection is central and omnipresent for us,” Zeal chief executive Helmut Becker said. “That’s why we place the highest value on using innovative technologies that make the registration process secure and transparent for both sides. 

“By using Nect Ident, we will be able to even better ensure that the players who register for our online offers really do meet the regulatory requirements for playing the lottery.”

Nect chief executive Benny Bennet Jürgens added: “Youth control should be as simple and at the same time as safe as somehow possible. Both sides benefit from AI-based identification; users can identify themselves independently and within a very short time and companies can be sure that their new customers are really the people they claim to be. 

“We are delighted to partner with Zeal to modernise new customer registration for lottery play.”

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