Intelligent Profiling

Players are our most valuable asset and our marketing teams have spent time, effort and budget to acquire them.

Now with Intelligent Profiling technology we can ensure that you keep them.

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One Step Ahead

What we do

Intelligent Profiling provide a range of SaaS behavioural analysis services together with an analytic and predictive platform that monitors each individual players activity and builds a unique profile that adapts with your business.

By analysing the behavioural aspects of your clients, our AI driven sub-system will trigger timely in-session messages and offers to fine-tune the player experience and keep them playing longer and safer.

IP utilises both Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud to ensure highest performance and scalability.

Our machine learning engine derives initial patterns based on your users experience and dynamically extends these as behaviour changes.

Traffic based pricing ensures that the services fit within your budget. Analysis can be segmented by Operator controlled criteria.

Messages are displayed to players during their gaming session with 100% deliverability.

The IP backoffice allows your teams to monitor behavioural changes in real-time and be alerted to erratic play.

IP work with major regulatory authorities and can help ensure that the responsibility and duty of care to your players are superseded.

Real-Time Player Communications

Platform Features

Affordability Checks

Our new affordability checking module can be easily integrated into your existing player flow. This non-intrusive and anonymous service puts your business at the forefront of responsible gaming and ahead of legislation.
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In-Session Messaging

Intelligent Profiling helps to constantly monitor the player state and deliver in-session messages to drive your clients activity. Our AI engine selects the right messages to deliver at the most appropriate times.
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Player Journey Engine

Our unique Player Journey Engine is designed to guide players through your product offering and encourages them to try new or different sports, bet types, casino games or even payment methods.
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Gamification Engine

The Gamification module rewards players for participating in Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Challenges and Competitions. Our Gamification Engine allows for both Single-Site and Global Challenges, Tournaments, Races and other Competitions.
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three steps to success

The Intelligent Profiling Process

Behavioural profiling is an ongoing process with models being constantly redeveloped and redefined. We can portray the initial processing model into the following three steps.


Data Capture

After securely connecting our IP platform to your log-server repository we perform an initial data capture process. This results in creating a unique profile for each of your players for as far back as your application server log files are kept. 

This is a key part of the process but in the unfortunate situation where log files have been overwritten or removed, the system will start gathering data from initial deployment.



By processing the initial data and developing behavioural patterns specific to your player-base we begin to profile players from their first visit to their latest activity. We look at the sports or games that they show interest in, the time of day and days of the week that they play right through to the bet types and amounts that they have played and the teams and events that they favour.

This profiling process allows us to segment your players at the most granular level.



This is where the magic begins. By unobtrusively monitoring your log files in real time we see where a player is, what they are doing, how long they have been doing it and the bet rate, spin rate or the time that they are spending on each section or page.

Our AI driven algorithms will detect whether this fits within their profile and decide whether messaging could assist the player or encourage them to further their activity. This could include game recommendations, event information or even responsible gaming reminders.

Platform Overview

Unobtrusive is the key here. Having spent two decades scaling some of the most sigificant platforms in this industry, we will never slow anything down!

360° Behavioural Analysis

Who we are...

The Intelligent Profiling Platform has been developed based on a wealth of operational knowledge and experience specifically in the iGaming space.

Keeping you ahead of the game

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