World Series of Politics: Bill Miller of the American Gaming Association

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AGA CEO Miller joins Brendan Bussmann and Brandt Iden to look back on this year’s Global Gaming Expo. 

American Gaming Association, G2E and illegal gambling

Miller discusses this year’s Global Gaming Expo After almost 25,000 descended on the Sands Convention Centre earlier in October. He also talks about US gaming industry’s post-Covid recovery, and the threat of the illegal market. 

Read his interview, published earlier this week, with iGB for more from the AGA.

Maryland sports betting

This episode also features Maryland, where lawmakers have taken a step towards launching mobile sports betting after a fraught process. There’s a wager on the line between our hosts on this one, just to up the stakes further.

Brendan also discusses the state of play for Macau casinos, where recovery his hindered by China’s zero Covid policy. 

And there’s even more intrigue around Brazil sports betting with the presidential run-off closing in.

Remember, the World Series of Politics is also available through Apple Podcasts!

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