Winners Malta Operations has licence cancelled

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The ruling came into effect on 11 January, with Winners Malta Operations ordered to cease activities under the Malta licence.

The MGA did not disclose the specific reason behind the decision. However, it has set out certain steps Winners Malta Operations must now follow.

These include settling all outstanding fees due to the MGA within five days of the licence being cancelled. The operator must also return funds to customers and submit a report to the regulator confirming this has been completed.

In addition, Winners Malta Operations must remove any reference to the Malta licence from its websites.

The MGA noted that the decision to cancel the licence can be appealed. 

Malta clamping down on rule-breakers

Winners Malta Operations is the latest operator to feel the wrath of the MGA. The regulator has announced several suspensions and cancellations in recent weeks.


Just a few days ago, the MGA cancelled Genesis Global’s B2C gaming licence. Genesis Global had its licence suspended in January last year and full cancellation means it is no longer to offer gambling under the permit.

The operator had been running 23 websites using the licence. These include,,, and

Last week, it was announced that Rush Gaming’s licence is being suspended until further notice. Rush Gaming operates both the and websites.

In addition, Betago also had its licence cancelled last week. The MGA ordered Betago to return all funds to players and remove any reference to the permit from its websites. 

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