W2 combines with Crucial Compliance and nChain for blockchain initiative

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‘Distributed Ledge Technology’ will deliver solutions from W2 and Crucial Compliance, as well as specialist blockchain technology from nChain, to support operators in global markets

The three businesses said the collaboration strengthens the suite of compliance solutions currently offered by W2 and Crucial Compliance, helping operators overcome regulatory challenges and future-proofing their compliance tools and processes.

“Protecting players should be easy; combining W2’s tools and expertise with Crucial Compliance and nChain, we’ve created a complete solution that puts players first and makes maintaining compliance simple for operators,” W2 chief executive Warren Russell said.

Crucial Compliance chief executive Paul Foster added: “Distributed Ledger Technology is the future of regulatory compliance and player protection, and this collaboration between W2, Crucial and nChain allows our operator partners to leverage its huge potential today while futureproofing for tomorrow.” 

nChain sales director Nick Hill added that the new offering would help further mitigate the risk of fines and reputational damage for operators within the blockchain market.

“We are passionate about the ways in which blockchain can enhance vital processes for businesses in a wide range of sectors but especially when it comes to gambling operators and regulatory compliance and player protection,” Hill said.

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