US April round-up: growth in Louisiana but New Hampshire declines

Players spent more on sports betting in Louisiana, which led to a rise in revenue. However, it was very much the opposite in New Hampshire in April, where the market shrank year-on-year.

Starting in Louisiana, handle amounted to $283.0m (£222.5m/€250.4m), up 34.8% from last year but down 19.1% from March’s $350.0m total. Players spent $263.2m betting on sports online during April, in addition to $19.8m at retail sportsbooks.

As for revenue, this amounted to $33.0m in April. The monthly total is 49.3% ahead of last year and only 2.4% behind $33.8m in March this year.

The state collected $5.4m in tax during the month, with almost all of this coming from the online market. 

As for the financial year to date, total player spending in the 10 months to the end of April was $2.86bn. Of this, $2.61bn was bet online, with $257.2m wagered at retail locations.

In terms of revenue, the year-to-date figure stands at $328.4m. This includes $302.2m in online revenue and $26.2m from retail.

Different story in New Hampshire

Now looking to New Hampshire, things were not quite as positive in April. 

Player spending on sports betting amounted to $59.8m, down 8.1% year-on-year and 18.0% behind $72.9m in March. April’s total was also the lowest monthly spend since $38.8m was wagered in August last year.

Player spending on online betting amounted to $53.5m, with a further $6.3m wagered at retail sportsbooks.

Turning to revenue, this hit $5.3m in April, down 21.0% from last year and 5.4% less than the $5.6m reported in March 2024.

Almost all revenue came from online betting, with just $23,173 generated by retail betting locations in New Hampshire.

The state collected $2.3m in tax, with almost all this sourced from online betting.

As for the financial year to date, total spend in the 10 months to April was $645.7m. Of this, $565.2m was bet online and $80.4m at retail sportsbooks.

In terms of revenue, the state’s total hit $65.0m. This includes $58.7m from online betting and $6.4m retail.

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