Two operators withdraw from Dutch market after cease-and-desists

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LCS Limited received the cease-and-desist order in early September. This followed an investigation that took place between March and July.

The investigation revealed that players were allowed to play on the website, despite LCS not having a licence to operate in the Netherlands.

The investigation into MKC took place between May and August. It found that the operator had been offering games in the Netherlands through the website, and had been accepting bets from players in the country.

Because LCS and MKC complied with the cease-and-desist orders, they do not have to pay the penalties that were initially imposed. This would have been €55,000 (£47,883/$55,445) per week for LCS, which would have been capped at €165,000, and €28,000 per week for MKC, up to a maximum of €84,000.

The KSA said that it would continue to monitor both operators to ensure this did not happen again.

Operating in the Netherlands without a licence violates article one, section A of the country’s Gambling Act.

Earlier this week René Jansen, chair of the KSA, reflected on the year since the Netherlands’ igaming market opened.

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