Top Sport fined €15,000 in Lithuania over insufficient CCTV

An investigation by the regulator found that systems placed at the two locations in Klaipėda were not recording the premises properly.

The Authority said at one of the sites, the video system set up to capture images of anyone who enters the shop was not recording accurately and the images were blurred, meaning it was not possible to identify those who had visited the premises.

The regulator’s investigation also found that the recording systems at both locations failed to capture images of financial transactions, nor how much money was being paid in and out at each facility.

As such, the Authority said this breached 15, Part 3 of the Gambling Law of Lithuania, which states that video recordings must clearly show people entering the betting shop, as well as the actions of gamblers and bookmakers at the location.

The Authority noted that the decision is open to appeal by Top Sport.

This case marked the second occasion this year Top Sport has been fined by the regulator, with the operator in May having been issued a €25,000 fine for violating the country’s wide-reaching ban on gambling promotion.

The Authority conducted an inspection in 2021. It found that the business had posted a number of claims on its website that were deemed as encouragements to gamble.

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