Top horse racing live data companies merge

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As a result of the merger, the companies will become one merged entity. The combined company will go on to supply live horseracing data from more than 100 tracks across 11 countries.

The entity will supply viewers with live and post-race tracking data. TPD‘s in-play odds will also be made available to racecourses worldwide.

In addition to the merger, the companies announced a shake-up of their management team. TSD founders Carlos Santo and Sebastian Scholz will join TPD’s board. Here, they will assist with managing a global team comprising of more than 40 people.

Brad Higgins, executive director at TSD is set to lead APAC sales. John McBroom, commercial director at TPD will lead global sales.

Total Performance Data and TripleSdata will merge to create a combined company

Horse racing competing for attention

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of TPD said the merger improves TPD’s existing offering.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome the passionate and determined tripleSdata team to create a global champion of racehorse tracking and revenue generation,” he said. “We are aware that today’s consolidated bookmakers seek the maximum amount of product from each partner, and we’re pleased to add three more countries of top class racing to the existing eight.”

He added that the horse racing industry is increasingly competitive, and that focusing on tracking content can improve its offering.

“As with all industries and sports, the sport of horse racing is having to compete hard for attention, TPD and its racecourse partners share a vision that the tracking content can make the sport more appealing, and in the process make betting more fun.”

Santo said the merger will see both companies provide a high-quality data product to customers.

“This merger brings together two visionary companies dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibilities through technology and poised to unlock new opportunities and expand our product offerings,” said Santo. “This marks the beginning of an exciting journey.”

“Together, we will continue to innovate, adapt, and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, delivering unmatched data solutions and experiences to our customers and stakeholders in the racing and wagering industries.”

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