Swiss regulators expand online gambling blacklists

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The blacklists, which were first published in September 2019, are updated regularly in order to highlight the websites that Gespa – previously known as Comlot – or the ESBK deemed to be operating illegally in Switzerland.

Only licensed operators based in Switzerland are permitted to offer online gambling in the country.

The latest version of the Gespa blacklist featured 18 new domains, including,,,, and

The Gespa blacklist also named two websites running with the Starpricebet brand and a further two domains operating under the Bahigo brand.

The updated ESBK blacklist features an additional 61 domains, including four websites using the 7reels brand and four sites running with the Sol brand.,,,,, and are also among the domains listed by ESBK as operating illegally in Switzerland. 

More than 250 websites have now been blacklisted between the two regulators since the system was introduced at the start of 2019.

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