partners 2022 European Cricket Championships

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The crypto sports betting brand will gain exposure through the 10-over tournament, in which 21 national teams compete in Malaga until the final on 14 October.

The partnership includes significant branding across international TV programme graphics for The operator said that total viewership is expected to be in excess of 40 million per day.

Roger Feiner, chief executive of the European Cricket League, said: “European Cricket is proud to partner with, one of the most innovative and engaging companies within this sector, for the European Cricket Championships 2022.

“Like we are innovators, and we believe there can be a lot of overlap between our companies when it comes to principles and best practices. We are particularly excited about our new evening matches for that will be broadcast primetime into the cricket key markets.” is already partnered with Premier League team Everton FC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Indian Super League team Mumbai City FC.

Dominic Rae, sponsorship manager of, said: “We are excited for this partnership with the European Cricket Championship. We have been impressed with the tournament’s growth and cricket is a sport with an enormous and passionate fanbase. We are looking forward to seeing some top-class action across the 120 matches of the tournament.”

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