Spain to extend strict marketing rules to lottery

In this resolution, lottery operators, as well as brokers and any other bodies providing third-party marketing for lotteries, must comply with new regulations that restrict and specify marketing and advertising done on behalf of Spain’s national lotteries.  

The mandate introduces changes to the ways lotteries can be present online. This includes but is not limited to verifying age through national databases on online platforms, informing minors or others prohibited from playing that they cannot participate, and introducing an official seal on websites that proves authenticity.  

In addition, brokers will be responsible for complying with similar regulations. They must also follow the instructions of the lotteries in regard to marketing regulation and be transparent with the activity of its sales channels.  

Importantly, the resolution also extends lotteries and brokers to the provisions of Law 13/2011 of May 27 and the subsequent Royal Decree 958/2020 of November 3.  

In short, Law 13/2011 of May 27, or the “Spanish Gambling Act”, requires licenses for operators. Royal Decree 958/2020 of Nov 3, meanwhile, sets out a number of rules around marketing.  

Notably, it restricts TV and radio communications to only air between 1am and 5am and prohibits promotional bonuses among other requirements.  

The DGOJ said that the purpose of the resolution is to guarantee the protection of consumers and extend the restrictions imposed on gambling advertising to lotteries.

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