Sony files esports betting platform patent

The application was first filed in November 2019, but was made public this month, as US patent laws make applications public after 18 months.

The application said the platform includes, “odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary [real-money] or non-pecuniary wagering purposes”.

Odds would then be offered live to viewers, being overlaid on streams of the game being played, the application explains.

In addition, it noted that odds may be determined either in a sportsbook format based on past game analytics or a pari-mutuel system, with a further option of betting directly against friends.

Analytics used may involve data such as win-loss ratios and kill statistics.

Betting markets may include not only game outcomes but also prop bets. An example prop bet listed was “that a particular character (“A”) gets hit by a virtual weapon at any time during simulation play and the second that the character is hit within the next minute”.

The platform also includes player retention tools such as a system to show bets based on a player’s betting history, as well as functionality such as a cash-out feature.

Sony also said in the patent application that play may be accessed not only through its own PlayStation products, but also PCs, smart phones and game consoles from rival brands such as Microsoft and Nintendo.

It lists Michael Chow of the PlayStation research and development department as the inventor.

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