SJM Holdings chief executive retires

Dr. So informed the board that he would retire and not offer himself up for re-election as the exective director of SJM Holdings at the business’s forthcoming annual general meeting (AGM).

Upon retirement, Dr. So will no longer hold his numerous board and executive roles, including as vice chairman and chief executive officer, as well as a member of the Executive and Remuneration committees.

However, Dr. So will remain in place as director of SJM Resorts after the conclusion of the 2023 AGM.

Dr. So confirmed that he had “no disagreement” with the board and was not aware of any matters related to his executive and board level roles that need to be brought to attention of the shareholders of the company.

SJM Holdings said that its Executive Committee will continue to oversee the implementation of the business’s strategic objectives and business operations following the grant to the company’s subsidiary SJM Resorts of a new 10-year concession by the Macau government.    

“The board wishes to thank Dr. So for his valuable contribution during his long tenure of office as vice-chairman, executive director and chief executive officer of the company,” said the board in a statement.

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