Playtech and Holland Casino team up for responsible gambling research

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The four-year project titled, ‘A Safe Bet: design and evaluation of a player-tailored online responsible gambling promotion framework’, will be led by the Erasmus University Rotterdam in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. It will use data from Holland Casino’s Playtech-powered online product.

The project will examine how to tailor industry tools to players’ individual needs, risk levels and behaviour patterns. 

“While there are already tools to help customers gamble safely, we want to significantly improve the effectiveness and use of these tools amongst customers,” said Playtech COO Shimon Akad.

“We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work collaboratively with academic experts who can identify and evaluate new approaches based on scientific theory.”

Holland Casino CEO Petra de Ruiter said the company wants to ensure it continues to set an example when it comes to safe and responsible gaming.

 “In our casinos, we ensure that our guests play fairly and responsibly in a reliable environment,” she said.

“That social responsibility is of paramount importance to us. Also at Holland Casino Online, which has now existed for more than a year, it is crucial that we continue to learn from experts in order to strengthen our prevention policy.”

Playtech and Holland Casino Partnership

Playtech and Holland Casino already have a strong working relationship, with Playtech having first agreed to provide its technology to the Netherlands’ state-owned Holland Casino back in 2014, in anticipation of the launch of online gambling in the country.

However, a series of delays to the implementation of the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) meant the market only launched for igaming in October 2021. 

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