Netherlands’ gaming market grows steadily year-on-year

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The country’s legal gambling market opened on 1 October 2021. The KSA’s findings were published in the regulator’s fourth Monitoring Report, which was released today (26 April).

The report found that the number of player accounts had grown from 563,000 in July 2022 to 859,000 in January 2023 – a 52.6% rise in six months. The Netherlands’ GGR has also increased year-on-year, rising by 37.7% from €90m in January 2022 to €124m in January 2023.

René Jansen, chairman of the KSA, said that the report had confirmed the KSA’s thoughts on the gambling market and emphasised the need for a safe, regulated environment for players.

“This fourth monitoring report shows a growth in the market for online games of chance, as we previously predicted,” said Jansen. “This is a development that requires all of our attention.

“Providers of games of chance must take up their duty of care firmly and intervene in a timely manner to protect players in order to realise that safe environment.”

Other findings

The extensive report revealed further information about the Netherlands’ gaming market. One focal point was the number of young people – aged 18-23 – who are participating in the country’s gambling market.

In January 2023, 184,000 accounts operated by young people partook in gambling, making up 21% of all active accounts during the month. In 2022, the average amount a young person lost when betting was €54 per month, compared to €142 per month for other bettors.

The number of players who have signed up to Cruks – the Netherlands’ self-exclusion register – has also increased, topping 38,000 this month (April 2023). This is an increase of 65.2% from September 2022.

Operators of both online and land-based gambling services must check if customers are signed up to Cruks upon registering. The report found that checks peaked in November 2022, when 38 million consultations occurred during the men’s World Cup coverage. Checks totalled at 31 million in January 2023. Approximately 90% of these checks game from online gaming operators.

Advertising ban

The number of online advertisements increased by 398,000 year-on-year, totalling at 481,000 in January 2023. The report stated that since the market opened, the volume of gambling advertising had “caused a stir”.

This general opinion of the market led to the Dutch minister for legal protection, Franc Weerwind, confirming that a ban on “untargeted” gambling advertising in the country will come into play on 1 July.

As part of the ban, operators will not be allowed to sponsor television programmes and events after 1 July 2024 and will be prohibited from partaking in deals within the sports sector – such as shirt sponsorships – from 1 July 2025.

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