Melilla operator body launches to highlight gaming’s social impact

Currently, the association is working to outline its regime for its operators, which includes Jokerbet, Casino Gran Madrid, Wanabet and AfiliaGambling.

Through social enterprises, operators in the association will work with local institutions and organisations that generate economic growth to support local causes.

The association is aims to further develop commercial opportunities and create space for business growth in Melilla, which is one of two Spanish-governed territories in Morocco along with Ceuta, while emphasising the positive influences of gambling on the economy.

The association will also publicise the gambling industry’s tax contributions that contribute to local projects.

It is hoped that this these measures increase international interest in Melilla’s regulatory framework, and raise the jurisdiction’s profile.

Both Melilla and Ceuta offer incentives benefits to operate in their territories, including a 10% reduction in taxes on gambling revenue. This is half of the rate that is currently in place in the remainder of Spain. There is also a 50% rebate in corporate tax.

In September 2020, Melilla and Ceuta made moves to combine their self-exclusion schemes as part of a wider effort across all Spanish regions to standardise player protection safeguards.

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