Macau regulator appoints new head of gaming inspection department

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Basaloco officially took office on 7 December, at a swearing-in ceremony that was witnessed by the organisation’s director Adriano Marques Ho.

During the ceremony, Ho said that the Gaming Inspection Department was an “essential unit”, adding that he hoped Basaloco would carry out his duties “faithfully”. Ho also said that he hoped Basaloco would be “efficient” in carrying out the rules outlined in Macau’s new gaming laws, as well as create a cohesive work team in the office.  

Basaloco first joined the DICJ in 1988, initially working in its Gaming Contracts Inspection Department. He has a degree in physical education and sport from the Polytechnic Institute of Macau.

New rules

In June, the Macau legislature approved the biggest shake-up in the Macau regulatory regime since the sector was liberalised in 2002.

The bill, which had been under discussion since the previous year, reformed the special administrative region’s licensing and tax rules. While the number of concessionaires is to stay the same – at six –the new laws includes a general tax rise, as well as giving the Macau chief executive more power to act with discretion when setting the concessionaire tax rate.

In November, the Macau government officially issued all six gaming concessions, with one operator – Genting – missing out.

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