Loterj approves operator licence for Rio Jogo

Ahead of the launch of the regulated sports betting and igaming market in Brazil, operators are making steps to secure licences, with Rio Jogo now doing so thanks to an approval in the Loterj accreditation notice.

Rio Jogo becomes the fifth operator approved by Loterj, joining the likes of PixBet and BestBet. Meanwhile, seven operators are currently in the process of gaining accreditation, including Caesars Sportsbook and PNR Tecnologia.

Rio Jogo chief executive João Victor de Araújo Souza thanked Loterj for its work on implementing wagering accreditation in Brazil.

“We believe in a regulated gaming market and its legality,” the CEO said. “We are aware of the responsibilities and duties assigned to us in the contract and we affirm that we are fully prepared for the success of the project.”

Loterj grants Rio Jogo licence in the face of IBJR criticism

Following the licensing of Rio Jogo, Loterj announced it was reopening the accreditation period for betting houses. The accreditation period will last for 30 days, starting from Tuesday (14 May).

In April, PNR Tecnologia and Lema both delivered documentation seeking Loterj accreditation to operate sports betting and igaming. The two companies carried out a proof of concept, as well as evaluated its compliance with Loterj regulations.

That followed Caesars Sportsbook-licensed BIG Brazil announcing its intentions to apply for Loterj accreditation.

However, Loterj has faced criticism from those who feel its overstepping the mark by looking to grant licences for nationwide activities.

The Brazilian Institute for Responsible Gaming (IBJR) denounced Loterj’s actions in a note. The IBJR feels Loterj’s accreditation of nationwide operations is a “clear violation” of federal regulations.

The IBJR note stated: “The acts carried out by Loterj create disorder, raise unnecessary doubts and harm the process of regulating the fixed-odds betting industry in Brazil.”

Associate lawyer at Pinheiro Neto Advogados André Santa Ritta agrees that the IBJR’s criticisms are valid.

“IBJR does have a point and their arguments make sense,” Santa Ritta told iGB in an email.“I myself have been involved in these discussions. I do not believe Loterj has the legal grounds to allow companies to operate in the entire country.”

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