KSA releases advertising guidance ahead of igaming market launch

The KSA revealed that it had received questions on two topics- one regarding the illegal targeting of gambling recruitment or advertising towards vulnerable groups, such as minors, and the second regarding advertising featuring professional athletes and teams.

In response, the KSA provided further information by referring to obligations for licence holders.

Obligations include that licence holders must not target advertising towards minors and that advertisements will be assessed in terms of content, where they are advertised, media presence, and who they are aimed at. This is in relation to article 2 of the decree on recruitment, advertising and addiction prevention.

The KSA also referred to article 4 of the decree, which states that under 25s with “substantial reach” among young people must not be used in advertising.

In addition, the KSA emphasised that professional licence holders cannot feature professional athletes or teams in their advertising. In July, the KSA issued a warning to the country’s state lottery, Staatsloterih, after it used professional football players in its advertisements.

The Remote Gambling Act came into force on 1 April this year after it was delayed three times. Applications for licences were successful, with 28 applications received within days of the Act’s implementation.

Since then, the KSA has dealt with a number of advertising breaches, including a warning to all operators to moderate their level of advertising ahead of the igaming market opening on October 1.

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