KSA chair reminds sector of body’s new powers to stop illegal gambling

The enhanced authority is derived from articles 34a and 34n of the new Remote Gambling Act, granting the KSA regulatory powers that it didn’t previously have.

With regard to land-based operations, the KSA reserves the right to shut down business premises to facilitate an investigation later on. It can also conduct home searches without permission and inspectors are permitted to seize objects.

Concerning online gaming investigations, the KSA are allowed to assume a false identity online thus revealing any criminal practices through ‘mystery shopping’.

The regulator also now has the power to demand that any financial service providers working with illegal gambling sites cease their activity – previously the KSA could only suggest that they stop providing services.

Jansen said: “These are the extra powers that the KSA has been given to combat illegality and crime. In addition to protecting consumers and preventing gambling addiction, this is one of the main legal tasks of the Ksa.

“With regard to Dutch gambling policy, there is more going on than just the imminent legalization and regulation of online games of chance. Other parts of the new legislation also contribute to creating a safe environment for people who want to participate in games of chance as much as possible.” 

The KSA recently hit Nederlandse Loterij with a €10,000 penalty for advertising its product to minors.

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