KSA chair apologises for early problems in Dutch market launch

In a blog post, Jansen explained that self-exclusion platform Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (Cruks), which was set to launch alongside the gaming market, became unavailable at the time of launch due to a fault. As a result, operators were not permitted to go live until the next day, while Cruks was unavailable until 4 October.

“I am really sorry that it turned out this way and I am of course very aware of my administrative responsibility for these start-up problems,” said Jansen.

“We have pulled out all the stops to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.” 

Jansen went on to explain that problems also occurred for operators after the launch.

“We have received complaints from players that the customer service of some providers is not easily accessible and that the deposits are not always successful,” continued Jansen.

“As a supervisory authority, we are keeping a finger on the pulse of this in order to allow license holders to make adjustments if necessary.”

Jansen also addressed criticism that the decision to issue 10 licences meant the market was limited, and said that further market expansion was on the way.

“The first licensed providers have a wide range, and all game types are represented, but we are not there yet,” he explained.

“It is good if the market is further expanded to make the choice for the player broad and attractive. That is a means to ensure that, if the Dutch want to play, they do so with legal providers so that they are as well protected as possible.”

On the subject of gambling advertising, Jansen spoke on striking a delicate balance.

“On the one hand, you don’t want people to come into extensive contact with a risky service, but on the other hand, gambling is also a fact of life.”

He added that a significant number of Dutch players are gambling illegally, and that advertising is a way to offer legal services- where protection measures are in place- to players.

In addition, Jansen revealed that the outlook on the market will be clearer by July 2022 and that more licence applications are currently being processed.

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