International Gaming Standards Association launches RG committee

The IGSA said the committee will offer support for regulators and operators with a “multi-tiered framework” called the Responsible Gaming Maturity Model (RGMM).

The standards organisation said that it hopes that this approach will offer the industry a path from discovery to a “highly quantifiable and predictable” responsible gaming model.

The IGSA said that the RGMM will help both regulators and operators grow from implanting a basic RG policy to managing a more precise dashboard of KPIs generated from quantifiable data.  

The standards association argued that the end goal of this process would be to embrace the power of prediction and preventative detection.

Alan Feldman to join IGSA

Responsible gaming expert Alan Feldman will join the organisation. Feldman is a distinguished fellow at the UNLV International Gaming Institute and chair emeritus of the International Centre for Responsible Gaming.

Feldman is also a 23-year veteran executive of MGM Resorts International, having left the business in January as a senior advisor.

“The time has come to create a global standard, process and path for predictive responsible gaming,” said IGSA chairman Earle G Hall. “Regulators have done an incredible job of creating their individual approaches. It is now time to pull the best practices together into a journey from discovery to quantitative management.

“Moreover, it is time to shift the paradigm to a data-driven predictability model to remove the tremendous burden on regulators and operators. We are excited by the overwhelming response by our members, affiliates and partners to be a part of this movement.”

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