IBIA records 65 suspicious betting alerts in third quarter

Some 65 alerts were registered in the three months to the end of September, down from 76 in the corresponding period last year, but 71% higher than 38 in the second quarter of this year.

Tennis accounted for 23 of all alerts in the quarter, ahead of football on 18 and table tennis with 17 alerts. Two alerts were also registered for esports, with one each for handball, cricket, squash, futsal and basketball.

Europe was responsible for more than half of all alerts in Q3, with 39 alerts registered across the continent during the quarter.

Croatia was the leading source of alerts in Europe, with 12 alerts in the country in relation to table tennis. A further four table tennis alerts originated in Russia, while another alert came from Germany.

Some 15 alerts in Europe were related to tennis events, six for football and a single alert for handball.

Asia saw 10 alerts registered in Q3, six of which came from Kazakhstan – four for football and two for tennis – while a total of eight alerts originated in Africa, three of which were in Egypt.

North America registered three alerts in Q3, two for tennis and one for cricket, while South America also had three alerts, all of which were in Brazil – two for football and one for futsal.

For the year to date, the IBIA reported 167 alerts during the nine months through to the end of September, down 17% on the same point last year (202 alerts).

IBIA chief executive Khalid Ali also noted that during the quarter, governments and regulators had taken major steps to protect integrity by requiring operators to join an integrity body such as IBIA;

“The benefits of being part of an international integrity monitoring body continue to be recognised; the association welcomes the decision of the Ontario authorities to require all licensed betting operators to be part of an integrity monitoring body, a position which is already in force in the recently opened market in the Netherlands. IBIA members are well-placed in those markets,” Ali said.

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