Greece raises online casino stake cap to €20

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The country brought in a €2 stake limit for any games that use a random number generator in a set of rules that became law in 2019. During drafting of these laws, the government had previously considered banning random number generator games entirely.

However, a new law published in the country’s official gazette raises that cap to €20.

The maximum winnings from any type of game, meanwhile, has been raised from €70,000 to €140,000.

Finally, the new law also lowers the minimum amount of time that can take place between two “game rounds”, such as slot spins, from three seconds to two.

All of the changes came into effect from their publication in the official gazette, on 20 May.

The first licences under the new Greek regime were issued last year, after the process to apply for these licences opened in October 2020. Betsson, Bet365 and Play’n Go were among the first licensees.

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