Genius scores new partnership with European Volleyball Confederation

Under the deal, all major CEV men’s and women’s competitions across indoor, beach and snow volleyball will be powered by Genius’s suite of scoring, coaching and competition management solutions.

As part of this arrangement, Genius has developed its e-Scoresheet, the preeminent live scoring solution specifically for use in beach and snow events, providing CEV with official match scoresheets.

Genius will also use its Bet Monitoring System to analyse 24/7 betting activity on all CEV competitions, cross-referencing real-time odds movements with predictive algorithms to automatically flag any potentially suspicious activity. 

“The partnership with Genius Sports is a pivotal piece of our long-term vision to modernise Volleyball and its governance,” CEV president Aleksandar Boričić said.

“We wish to innovate at all levels and the latest solutions provided by Genius Sports will be playing a key role in supporting our efforts to engage with our passionate fans even further and to provide a standardised, high-quality digital experience across all of our competitions

Genius chief executive Mark Locke added: “Providing sports with cutting-edge solutions to maximise the value of their live data and streamline the running of their competitions has been a central part of our business for more than 20 years. 

“This approach is more important than ever for us and our partners and we are proud that our partnership with CEV will drive the growth and digital transformation of European Volleyball across indoor, beach and snow.”

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