Former SunCity boss Chau sentenced to 18 years in prison

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Local reports said that the Macau Court of First Instance handed down the sentence after Chau was found guilty of multiple charges.

Besides the prison sentence, Chau was also ordered to pay compensation to both the Macau government and five of Macau’s six casino concessionaires.

Chau was one of 11 people arrested by Macau police in 2021 for allegedly creating an illegal live betting platform in the Philippines, which attracted customers from mainland China via a Macau-based junket.

Following the arrest, Chau announced he would step down as SunCity and Summit Ascent chairman.

Soon after the arrest, SunCity stopped its junket business entirely to focus on resort development.

Chau was ultimately charged with 229 counts of illegal gambling and 54 counts of substantial fraud.

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