Flutter announces new chair as shareholders vote on duel listing

Bryant is currently a non-executive director of Compass Group PLC, Ball Corporation and Coca-Cola European Partners plc. He has a long history at Kellogg Company, where he acted as CEO, CFO and COO. His tenure as non-executive director of Macy’s Inc will end on May 19, 2023.   

Flutter dual listing vote

The new chair takes office as Flutter shareholders meet for the business’s Annual General Meeting, where they will have the opportunity to vote on the company’s proposed duel US listing, in addition to its listing on the London Stock Exchange.

The Flutter board previously notified its shareholders that the business’s intends to implement an additional US listing by Q4 2023. The move follows the increasing success of its US sports betting business Flutter, which has become that largest American operator by revenue. At least 75% of shareholders will have to vote in favour for the measure to pass.

The new board member is to begin his role on September 1 of 2023. On this date he is also set to become chair of the Nomination Committee.  

Outgoing chair

Outgoing chair, Gary McGann, will be moving on after a nine-year tenure as non-executive director. McGann welcomed Bryant to the company and praised his past leadership experiences.  

“It has been a privilege to serve as chair of this very special company and I wish John every success as he joins the board at this pivotal point in Flutter’s evolution. I will use my remaining period as chair to ensure a seamless transition to John,” said McGann.  

 Bryant added his enthusiasm towards his new role.  

“I am very excited to succeed Gary as Chair of Flutter. I look forward to working with Peter and the management team to grow the business and to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

Current CEO, Peter Jackson, commented on both outgoing and incoming chairs.

“I would like to thank Gary for the contribution he has made to Flutter over his nine years as Non-Executive Director, eight of which were as chair. He has helped steer the business through an exceptional period of growth.”

I am very much looking forward to working with John. His experience will be invaluable as Flutter continues to execute its growth strategy,” he added.

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