ESIC signs up Esports Technologies as latest anti-corruption supporter

Esports Technologies will support ESIC with its investigations into suspicious betting activity in the esports market, as well as the organisation’s wider efforts to combat cheating and corruption in esports. 

Esports Technologies is the developer behind, an online gambling platform that offers real-money betting on esports events and professional sports from around the world.

The developer is also working on esports predictive gaming technologies for distribution to both customers and business partners.

“We are committed to working closely with ESIC to safeguard the integrity of esports and esports betting,” Esports Technologies chief operating officer Bart Barden said. “As esports continues to rise in popularity, our coalition will work to build fan and bettor trust in esports tournaments. 

“When the public has trust and confidence in the esports industry, every stakeholder wins.”

ESIC commissioner Ian Smith added: “Our anti-corruption supporters play an important role in our mission to deter cheating and fraudulent activity within esports betting. 

“By joining ESIC, Esports Technologies has displayed its commitment to maintaining the integrity of esports.”

Esports Technologies joins the likes of Ultimate Tournament and Oddin as supporters of ESIC’s anti-corruption efforts.

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