Denmark introduces mandatory ID card for retail betting

The scheme, scheduled to take effect from July 2022, will mandate the use of a “playing card” on bets in kiosks and other physical stores.

The scheme is backed by the Social Democrat-led government and all major political parties, including the opposition Liberal Party and the Danish People’s Party.

As well as being designed to prevent money laundering and match-fixing by removing anonymity, the government said it should also better protect young people and gambling addicts.

“With the playing card, we do away with the opportunity to play anonymously in, among other things, football matches,” said Morten Bødskov, Denmark’s Minister of Taxation.

“We are thus putting a stick in the wheel of the criminals who use this type of game as a means of, for example, laundering money. With the playing card, players must register, no matter how small amounts they play for, and data about their games are analysed and reported to the authorities if it seems suspicious.”

The card will ensure that young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to place bets, and it may be used to check whether the player has voluntarily excluded himself from gambling or exceeded self-imposed spend limits. Lotto coupons and scratch cards are not covered by the requirement for a playing card.

Bødskov added: “There is a need to tighten the rules in the gaming area. Many Danes – especially young men – have problems with gambling, and this often has major consequences for themselves, their future and their families. That is why we have agreed with a broad majority of the parliamentary parties to launch a playing card. It is a targeted bet, as this is where the problems with gambling addiction are greatest.”

Last monthm Danish regulator Spillemyndigheden revealed that the industry recorded revenue figures of DKK565m (€76.0m/$88.2m/£64.0m) for September, representing a 19.5% increase on the same time last year. Sports betting was up 2.8% year-on-year in the Q3 period to DKK577m.

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