Denmark: 88% of helpline users placed first bet before 18

The data came from Spillemyndigheden’s StopSpillet helpline, which provides support to those who may be experiencing problem gambling behaviours.

The regulator said StopSpillet had received close to 2,500 calls since it was first established in 2019.

As part of the helpline, callers are asked when they placed their first bet. The data shows that 88% of players had said that their first bet was placed when they were aged 25 of younger.

The percentage of players who placed their first bet before the age of 17 was 50%, despite the regulator noting that the age requirement to gamble in Denmark is 18.

Further data

The data also revealed that callers have been experiencing problem gambling behaviour for approximately two years and seven months before they contact StopSpillet.

Relatives of problem gamblers account for 39% of all calls to StopSpillet, and half of these calls come from parents of players.

Of these calls from relatives, 17% came from partners and 17% came from siblings.

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