Danish regulator bans reactivation bonuses for lapsed players

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The new guidance is similar to the previous version, published in September.

However, it did include some updates about what it considered to be irresponsible marketing practices.

Among these was a new portion stating that operators may not use bonuses to reactivate lapsed players.

“A player’s inactivity by the licensee may not be a selection criterion when awarding promotional offers,” it says. “Bonuses may therefore not be given on the basis of a player’s inactivity.”

The new rules also note that “attention should be heightened” if a player requests a bonus, “as this may be an indication that the player needs to play but cannot afford it”.

Illusory deposit limits

Elsewhere, the guidance provides more details about requirements when it comes to deposit limits.

While players were already required to set a deposit limit before they register for a gambling account, the new rules aim to tackle deposit limits that could not ever be relevant in practice.

“It must not be possible to choose an extremely high deposit limit, or a deposit limit of a higher amount than the maximum allowed to be paid into the game account,” the guidance said.

“Examples have been seen where players have been able to set deposit limits of several hundreds of thousands of kroner without any assessment being made as to whether this was a realistic deposit limit. In such cases, there is no actual deposit limit, as the limit is set at such an illusory high amount that the deposit limit does not have the intended protective and preventive effect.”

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