Cricket Victoria extends responsible gambling partnership

The renewed partnership is part of Cricket Victoria’s attempt to reduce children’s exposure to sports betting promotional content. This will be done through initiatives such as the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s ‘Join the Club’ campaign, which features cricket players and fans discouraging sports betting partnerships.

“Community sport and clubs are at the heart of what we do in Victorian cricket,” said Nick Cummins, CEO of Cricket Victoria.

“Through this partnership, we’re limiting the amount of gambling advertising seen by young people in our sport, and equipping them to recognise, and manage, gambling risks.” 

Along with Cricket Victoria, the extension involves Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades.

“Partnerships with organisations like Cricket Victoria are critical because they give young people an opportunity to enjoy sport without associating it with gambling,”  said Shane Lucas, CEO of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

“The first generation of kids to grow up with gambling advertising is the largest group of sports bettors in Victoria, with almost one in three bets placed by young men aged 18–24 years and participation by young women rising.”

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