Chinese Lottery sales decline further in September

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This was a decline of 4.2% compared to August, as well as a drop of 12.8% compared to September 2020.

Of this ¥31.23bn total, ¥12.77bn came from digital lottery sales, while betting and prediction games generated ¥11.65bn.

Instant win games made up ¥4.44bn of the revenue, while ¥2.36bn came from keno games.

The Welfare Lottery reported revenue of ¥11.84bn, a rise of 3.4% compared to the previous month but a year-on-year decrease of 15.0%.

A total of ¥7.44bn came from digital lottery sales, while ¥2.23bn was generated by instant win sales. Keno figures made up the remaining ¥2.36bn.

Sports Lottery revenue totalled at ¥19.39bn, a monthly decrease of 8.43%. Digital sales made up ¥5.52bn, and instant games brought in ¥2.21bn. Betting and prediction games made up the majority of this total, at ¥11.65bn.

The most Welfare Lottery and Sports Lottery sales, at ¥1.24bn and ¥1.88bn respectively, were generated in the Guangdong province.

Zhejiang produced the second most sales for the Welfare Lottery, at ¥1.01bn, while Jiangsu generated the second most for the Sports Lottery at ¥1.47bn.

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