Better Collective rolls out new problem gambling detection tool

Developed by Mindway AI, Gamalyze will act as a self-assessment tool, allowing visitors to conduct a test to help detect problem gambling. 

Gamalyze will be offered to online gamblers as a virtual card game, challenging them to maximise their win. The tool will use then use validated neuroscientific principles to analyse a player’s decision making during the game.

This analysis, Better Collective said, will provide deep insight into gambling behaviour and help to identify key characteristics associated with problem gambling. 

The tool will initially launch on, coinciding with the Safer Gambling Week 2021 initiative running in Great Britain and Ireland from 1-7 November. Other platforms will follow in the coming weeks and months.

“Responsible gambling is a very important part of our business philosophy; by implementing Gamalyze on our websites, we give visitors an opportunity to test their gambling habits and find out if their gambling behaviour presents as fun and entertaining, as it should be, or if it is potentially problematic,” Better Collective co-founder and chief executive Jesper Søgaard said.

Neil Smith, head of, added: “ is the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters. We have millions of visitors every year and with Gamalyze launched, we increase our focus on responsible gambling so our community can feel even safer when they visit our site.”

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