Bally’s Q3 revenue up 170% in final quarter before Gamesys acquisition

Gaming made up the vast majority of Bally’s revenue, at $227.6m, a 135.6% year-on-year increase. Hotel revenue was up 383.35 to $32.9m, while food and beverage revenue grew 327.5% to $29.5m. Racing, meanwhile, brought in 42.0m, up 20.0%.

Other revenue grew almost five-fold to $22.8m.

However, Bally’s expenses tripled to $287.0m. Costs of sales related to gaming made up $75.2m and food and beverage costs of sales were $21.4m, while costs of sales from hotels were $9.4m and those from racing were $2.0m. All of these costs grew roughly in line with revenue in the given areas.

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