ATG appoints Carlson to second stint on board of directors

Carlson will start his second stint as an ATG board member, having previously held the position between 2015-2016.

The 67-year old currently serves as the Swedish Public Health Agency’s director general, and will commence his new role on 1 September 2021. He has previously worked as director general of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control.

ATG chairman Bo Netz said: “I am pleased to welcome Johan Carlson back to ATG’s board. At ATG, we care about our customers, we want them to feel good about their gaming and gaming responsibility is our most important sustainability issue. 

“With his background, Johan has an extremely solid knowledge of public health, which strengthens us in our effort to always be at the forefront of these issues.”

Carlson’s appointment will also see the departure of Petra Forsström from her position on ATG’s board.

Netz added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Petra for the time we worked together within ATG and wish her luck in future assignments.”

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