Universal Ent delays Okada Q2 results as it promises to “reclaim” property

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Okada Manila had been owned and operated by TRLEI, though a recent court ruling has since created a dispute over who currently controls the property.

The results were originally scheduled for August 9, but have been delayed indefinitely.

In a statement, Universal Ent said Kazou Okada has refused to give any financial information to the company, meaning that it cannot release any Q2 results.

Kazou Manila was removed from the role of chief executive role of TRLEI 2017, with TRLEI citing a “misappropriation” of funds. This year, after an appeal, the Philippine Supreme Court reinstated Kazou Okada by issuing a status quo ante order.

In May, Universal Ent filed a motion for the Court to reconsider. If the Court retracts its status quo ante order, Universal Ent said it would “promptly move forward with reclaiming the Okada Manila facility, guaranteeing the safety of its employees and normalising its operation.”

After he was reinstated, it is alleged that Kazou Okada – along with a number of others – “entered and occupied” the Okada Manila resort.

In June TRLEI announced its intent to file charges over the incident, which it called an “illegal occupation”.

Kazou Okada has strenuously denied the allegations, stating that he had entered the Okada Manila resort to negotiate and that “no slanderous or violent acts ever took place.

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