UK Gambling Minister Philp resigns with white paper imminent

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Philp – who cited “events over the past few weeks and months” as his reason for departing – has become the latest in a long line of ministers that have resigned citing a lack of confidence in Boris Johnson, and to call for the Prime Minister himself to resign.

The exit comes with a white paper forming part of the government review of the Gambling Act expected imminently. Philp revealed that it had been sent to Johnson’s office for final approval.

“The Gambling review is with No 10 at the moment for final approval, containing strong measures to protect people from gambling addiction,” Philp said in his resignation letter. “I have met with families of those who have committed suicide as a result of gambling addiction and I urge you to deliver the review in full undiluted.”

Philp’s position was within the government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), led by Nadine Dorries, who has not yet resigned.

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