Sportradar announces new all-in-one sportsbook solution Orako

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Orako offers technology, products and tools for operators looking to establish an omnichannel sports betting service for customers.

The sportsbook solution will feature Sportradar’s own portfolio and will present two options for operators to choose from- the choice of a service fully managed by Sportradar, or an option that allows operators to manage their own service using the Orako tools and technologies.

Orako will also include marketing services, and is powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

“The sports betting industry is hyper competitive, growing at pace and offering more opportunities than ever to operators,” said Jacob Lopez Curciel, managing director for managed sportsbook services at Sportradar.

“With Orako, we can manage up to 100 percent of a sportsbook’s operation and alleviate their need to invest in additional technology and innovation, freeing the operator up to squarely focus on scaling their business and achieving growth.”

The news comes after Sportradar signed a sports content deal with France’s FDJ earlier this month.

Sportradar had previously expressed its desire to become a fully-integrated turnkey sports betting provider, after acquiring Spanish sportsbook and igaming platform Optima in 2019.

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