Spain records year-on-year revenue increase in Q2

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Casino revenue was the biggest contributor to the overall total, with the €99.9m raised accounting for 46.3% of the overall total. Casino revenue was also up 6.7% from last year, and up 0.4% from last quarter.

The €92.0m of betting revenue – a 35.0% increase from last year – made up 45.6% of the total, while 9.4% came from €20.3m of poker revenue.

Players deposited a total of €675.6m, up by 41.8% from 2020. Player withdrawals also increased significantly, rising 70.8% to €477.2m.

Marketing expenses totaled €128.4m, down 13.4% from the first quarter of 2021. Affiliation expenses were €10.0m, promotions were €49.2m, and advertising costs came to €61.6m. A further €7.6m was spent on sponsorships.

On average there were 991,196 active gaming accounts per month during the second quarter -up 54.2% from last year – with 231,167 new accounts.

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