Okada Manila founder denies “violent invasion” of resort

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This is Kazou Okada’s first statement since TRLEI announced that it would file criminal charges against him, claiming that he and a number of others allegedly “violently entered and occupied” the resort.

Kazou Okada formerly held the roles of CEO, director, chairman and stockholder of Okada Manila owner TRLEI. However, he was removed from the post in 2017 due to “misappropriation” of funds.

Earlier this year, the Philippines Supreme Court issued a status quo ante order, which returned Kazou Okada to the roles.

In his statement, Kazou Okada said that he and his team – including vice chairman Dindo Epeleta, court enforcement officers, officials from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and police officers – went to the Okada Manila resort to enforce the Supreme Court’s order, where negotiations were held with Hajime Tokuda.

Kazou Okada went on to specify that there were “no slanderous or violent acts during the negotiations, but said that Hajime Tokuda’s lawyers “intentionally shouted and made it seem as if we were violent.

After Hajime Tokuda and his associates refused to leave the premises, Okada said he was removed and driven home. Kazou Okada said that surveillance cameras on the Okada Manila premises captured the dispute in full.

“Some information on the internet and other extreme comments such as illegal and violent invasion, occupation of territory, and abduction have been taken up by Universal’s Investor Relations report, and we believe that the facts that show the opposite happened will be revealed by the surveillance camera,” read the statement.

“We are preparing a lawsuit against Mr. Tokuda’s actions, which we say are in violation of and repugnant to the Supreme Court’s order.”

Kazou Okada also strenuously denied allegations of bribery, which he said had appeared online rather than coming from TRLEI management.

“There are posts on the internet as if there were allegations of bribes, but please be assured that this is not the case at all,” he said in a statement. “I will continue to make fair and honest claims and continue to do the right thing.”

Last month, TRLEI’s parent company Universal Entertainment Corporation delayed TRLEI’s listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange by three months.

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