Mississippi reports marginal growth betting handle for December

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This, however represented a 6.2% month-over-month decline.

During December, the vast majority was staked in the state’s coastal casinos, which made up $37.5m of the total.

A further $10.7m was wagered at properties in Mississippi’s central region, with a further $8.7m staked in casinos in the north of the state.

American football proved to be the most popular sport to bet on across the state, with $24.9m being staked on the sport. Basketball followed with $15.5m, while parlay bets totaled $10.4m. Other bets added $6.1m.

After player winnings, evenue for the month amounted to $3.2m, down 59.0% from 2020 and a decrease of 66.3% compared to November.

The coastal region was the biggest contributor to the revenue total, generating $2.2m. The northern region was next with $553,536, followed by the central region with $496,568.

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