KRAIL supports Ukraine’s goal to join the EU 

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The regulatory board notes that supporting Ukraine’s European course is a priority for all state entities.  

Among these measures include cooperating with European regulatory bodies and associations and complying with EU gambling requirements and rules.   

This is part of an overall strategic activity plan by the government that hopes to bring Ukraine closer to EU integration.  

Parimatch suspension

Recently, Parimatch suspended its Ukranian operations due to sanctions implemented by president Volodymyr Zelensky. 

The Ukranian president signed into law Presidential Decree No. 145/2023. This imposed sanctions on 287 companies – Parimatch being one – and 120 individuals.  

Many of these companies were related to betting. On 11 March, Zelensky stated that gambling businesses had been withdrawing funds from Ukraine and financing activities in Russia. 

Parimatch suspended its operations in Ukraine and its Ukranian site was blocked for players in the country.  

The operator retaliated by saying it “never received any requests from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) regarding the suspension of the franchise in Russia”.  

Additionally, Parimatch appealed directly to Zelensky and accused the SBU of “illegal violations.” The company claims that the information used during the National Security Council’s decision for sanctions had been falsified and carried out by the SBU.  

The operator hopes for a further review of the situation.  

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