Iowa online casino bill passes first hurdle

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The bill – House Study Bill 604 – was introduced by the House Committee on State Government and immediately assigned to a subcommittee set up to consider the legislation. That subcommittee passed the bill yesterday (2 February).

It would allow for advanced deposit wagering on “gambling games”, which are defined in the Iowa State Code as any game of chance authorized by the state Racing and Gaming Commission, other than sports betting.

In addition, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission may enter into agreements with regulators in other states, allowing for games such as poker to be played across state lines.

It clarifies that gaming licensees may “enter into operating agreements with one or two entities”, allowing them to offer up to two online gaming skins.

A licence fee for advanced deposit wagering on these games will cost $45,000, with a $10,000 annual renewal fee.

The State Government Committee as a whole will now consider the bill.

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