GC updates guidance after finding “potentially unfair” operator terms

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The regulator said that it had “recently found licensees using terms that are potentially unfair”. These terms, it said, often gave operators “undue discretion” to decide if and when certain rules apply.

The potentially unfair rules that the Commission mentioned included terms that would allow an operator licensees to confiscate customers’ account funds or promotions with terms that allow an operator to void real-money winnings if a customer breaks staking rules.

The Commission also said that terms that “unfairly permit licensees to reduce potential winnings on open bets” could be considered unfair, as could certain terms and conditions about how an operator treats customer funds if it suspects there has been illegal or irregular play.

The regulator added that it was also “aware” that some operators’ terms and conditions that were difficult to understand, and of bonus requirements that “may encourage excessive play”.

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