Episode 14: Where are all the legislative wins in US gaming?

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There’s been a wave of criticism of the industry, and that has arguably ended any hopes of igaming expansion for this year. Sports betting progress has also been stilted so far.

Massachusetts may have launched mobile, and Kansas is live, but where might the industry expand next?

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Hope for sports betting regulation

As Brandt says, sports betting legislation always makes it through at the end of the session. There’s still hope for progress in multiple states. 

Texas sports betting remains in play

There’s plenty of potential still out there, perhaps most notably for Texas sports betting.

Last week’s guest Governor Rick Perry is a strong supporter of a constitutional amendment to allow mobile betting. There’s been one committee hearing to date, with contrasting voices arguing for and against mobile wagering in the Lone Star State.

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Prospects in the Peach State

Georgia sports betting remains in play thanks to the Lieutenant Governor who Brandt feels is making sports betting regulation a priority. 

Is betting in the Bluegrass State a no-brainer?

Sports betting in Kentucky should be a “no brainer” Brendan says. But with a 30-day legislative session it’s going to be tight. It’s the closest the Bluegrass State has come to regulation in recent memory. 

There’s also potential in states such as Missouri and North Carolina. In Missouri, the big question is whether a bill makes it through the Senate.

In North Carolina Brandt remains confident, though Brendan fears it’s going to be Groundhog Day, again. 

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