EGBA forms cybersecurity expert group

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The group will allow EGBA members to exchange information about cyber threats to prevent future attacks and work together to track and resolve incidents.

The group is currently made up of cybersecurity experts who are also EGBA members. However, operators that are not EGBA members are also allowed to join if they comply with certain cyber security and data protection standards.

The type of data that will be shared in the group has been established through a Memorandum of Understanding between members.

“We have launched this expert group to encourage and establish a much-needed platform for cross-industry cooperation on cybersecurity issues, said Maarten Haijer, secretary general of EGBA. “Cyber criminals are increasingly determined and sophisticated in their efforts to try to hack into gambling websites to steal customer data and money.

The group will also strengthen the protection of operators’ customer bases by preventing theft and data breaches.

“Cyber threats tend to be cross-border in nature, affect operators in the same ways, and are a common threat to the industry,” continued Haijer. “That’s why it is crucially important that operators work closer together to strengthen cyber security protocols and procedures, find common solutions to the latest threats and security vulnerabilities, and implement the highest security standards.”

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