Danish GGR grows to DKK6.2bn in 2021 despite land-based decline

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Sports betting came to DKK2.4bn, showing a 5.2% increase since 2020. This is thanks to it being the first 12 month period since COVID-19 restrictions that there was a full calendar of sports.

Online casino experienced the steepest incline, totaling DKK2.8bn, as compared to DKK2.4bn in 2020. This was a rise of 16.7%.

Slot machines and land-based casino saw a decline, with a notable drop of 22.4% in revenue. Due to restrictions related to coronavirus, many slot halls were working at 50% capacity, with only every other slot machine in operation.

Land based casino saw a 6.9% decline with total revenue of DKK236m. From January to May, land based casino saw no revenue due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, the sector improved greatly as the year went on. In October the sector brought in DKK38m which is the highest amount of revenue seen in a singular month for land based casino in the past decade.

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