BGC: Safer gambling tools use spikes after Safer Gambling Week

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Safer Gambling Week is coordinated by the BGC, Bacta, the Lotteries Council and the Bingo Association. In 2022, it took place on 17-23 October.  

Operator data collected by the BGC on behalf of the campaign revealed that the week had a positive effect on the use of safer gambling tools. 

Around 200,000 accounts set deposit limits after Safer Gambling week, up by 12.5% compared to October 2021. Additionally, 61% of players who set deposit limits did so for the first time.  

Social media impressions also experienced an uptick, with a 21% increase from 2021. Last year’s campaign also garnered close to 30 million impressions across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, the number of players using reality checks – which are on screen alerts that remind players how long they have been playing – grew by 300%.

The BGC said that these findings are in line with the fall in problem gambling rates from 0.3% in 2021 to 0.2% in 2022.

BGC Chief Executive, Michael Dugher said that Safer Gambling Week is critical for the regulated industry.

“These new figures show Safer Gambling Week has made a huge impact and continues to be an increasingly vital platform to successfully encourage the use of safer gambling tools in the regulated industry,” said Dugher. “Millions of customers now use safer gambling tools including deposit limits and time outs.” 

“This is a pillar of the regulated betting and gaming industry and is in marked contrast to the unsafe, unregulated and growing online gambling black market, which has none of the safeguards strictly employed by BGC members.”

“Safer Gambling Week is further evidence of the regulated industry’s determination to keep raising standards.” 

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